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Shannon Hurley
April 26, 2014 | Food, Wine | Shannon Hurley

Think Pink, Drink Pink

With the warm weather in full bloom it’s time to take a break from those heartier pairings and lighten up with a refreshing take. We’re talking Rosé!

The development of Rosé wine dates back to the 1700’s with the popularity of “Claret” meaning clear or light-colored wine. This was a popular style of red Bordeaux during the 1700′s. Back then, the British were the ones who favored pale style wines made with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Of course these days Bordeaux wines have become gallant and darker, and the lovely rosé has received a category of its very own.

Today rosé has a variety of names depending on its origin. Whether you call it “Rosé” in France or America, “Rosado” in Spain, “Rosato” in Italy or simply “blush" – they all refer to some seriously pink business. The wines can typically range from a light salmon subtle hue to a vibrant magenta pink, depending on the grape used and how long the skins were in contact with the juice. Rosés can be made in three different styles off-dry, sweet, or dry the most popular style produced around the world today. There are two different ways to make Rosé. First we have “Saignee” this is the practice of “bleeding off” lightly tinted grape juice after a brief maceration process (soaking of grape skins). Since wine’s color actually comes from the skins, the longer the skins, pips and seeds remain in contact with the grape, the darker and more tannic the rosé gets. The second less common way is to simply blend white wine with a red to make it appear pink.

Think Pink, Drink Pink!

Our rosés are the perfect pairing for spring and summer, since they are served chilled and can be a refreshing garnish to any warm day. They are also extremely versatile wines and pair well with a number of different dishes.

2012 Opportunity Collection Malbec Rosé

It’s not too often that you’ll find a Malbec Rosé coming out of Napa. Although this grape has some Argentinian roots, this crisp wine is often compared to a Provence style rosé.

Aroma: Ripe cherry & peach flesh with hints of strawberry

Palate: Pink grapefruit & tart red currant flavors linger softly on the fresh finish

Food Pairing: Grilled Mahi-Mahi with bell pepper salad

2012 Play Date Syrah Rosé

This full bodied rose is beautifully layered with ripe fruit from the Coomsville AVA (American Viticultural Area) in Napa, with the overall balance to pair with just about anything.

Aroma: Cranberry, fresh watermelon & rose petal

Palate: Pomegranate & ripe black cherry with subtle cinnamon notes

Food Pairing: Sirloin burger with maple bacon, blue cheese & sweet potato fries

So wine lovers, if you are opting to try something outside of your wine box don’t be afraid! Rosé is on the rise and many people have discovered the truth behind the myth that all rosés are “sweet and girly”. Come stop by our tasting room on Broad Street in Red Bank today for a flight with our featured rosés. Till next time, Cheers!

Shannon Hurley

Wine Ambassador


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