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Shannon Hurley
April 15, 2020 | Wine | Shannon Hurley

Rosé All Year


A crisp glass of rosé. What’s better than that on a sunshine filled spring or summer afternoon? Did you know that many rose productions are actually meant to be drunk year round and can pair with a vast majority of different cuisines? A perfect excuse for me to open one of my favorite bottle of rosé whenever I’m in the mood.

Rosé winemaking has quite the rich history. The development of rosé wine dates back to the 1700’s with the popularity of “Claret” meaning a clear or light-colored wine. This was a popular style of red Bordeaux during the 1700′s. Back then, the British were the ones who favored the pale style wines made with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Of course these days wines from Bordeaux have become gallant richer and darker, and the lovely rosé has received a well-deserved category of its very own.

The 2018 Faustini Charm and Hammer rose is made using the “Saignée method” from a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon & Malbec. This style of winemaking is capable of producing some of the longest lasting rosé wines that we see today. It is actually a by-product of red winemaking. During the fermentation of a red wine, about 10% of the free run juice is bled off. This process leaves a higher ratio of skin contact on the remaining juice, making the resulting red wine richer and bolder. The leftover bled wine or “Saignée” is then fermented into a rosé wine. Wines made from the Saignée method are typically much darker than maceration method (when the grapes are pressed and sit with their skins) wines and also much more savory.

Upon opening, the nose of the wine charms your senses with notes of fresh raspberry, summer strawberry and ripe figs. The palate is robust, warm clove and spices, ripe jammy fruits similar to that of the nose. Body is round and textured with deep complexity on the finish. I enjoy wines from this style because I think they become very versatile wines that have alot to offer which attribute to the name especially.  “Charm”, reminding each of us how beautiful and charming the wine truly is, while, “hammer” brings in an impactful sense of strength and power to the wine. Whether you’re an avid Cabernet or Merlot drinker, the Faustini Charm and Hammer rosé is definitely one that’s not to be missed.

-Shannon Hurley, Certifed Sommelier


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