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Shannon Hurley
August 17, 2015 | Shannon Hurley

At the Grill With Faustini Wines

On a warm August afternoon, the big reds that normally match with red meat are about as refreshing as hot coffee, yet white wine seems a little wimpy next to a rib-eye. Grilling adds different levels of smokiness and char, and those are flavors that you want to consider. They can definitely overwhelm more timid wines. Here are pairings that will take your meal to the next level. Cabernet Sauvignon is a classic with steak (our 1023 or Due Finali will work with just about any grilled red meat) but grilling isn’t strictly about meat. When you’re adding vegetables, or even salad greens like crispy heads of Romaine to the grill grate, you’ll often need a more versatile wine.

2012 Opportunity Collection Pinot Noir.  A Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley is generally on the lighter side, so it won't overpower more delicate grilled foods, and it often has smoky flavors that really work with the grill. The wine’s earthy, savory notes and good acidity also make it a match with balsamic vinegar.

2013 Play Date Chardonnay. Usually, oysters are served with sparkling wines, but the intensely flavorful grilled component here allows for a more full-bodied wine. The Play Date Chardonnay has simplistic texture with flavors ranging from citrus to mild tropical fruits, accompanied by crisp with soft floral notes on the finish

N.V Velvet & Vinyl Brut. The crisp acidity, effervescence, and moderate alcohol level of our brut sparkling wine will be perfect with smoky grilled fishes or even a grilled chicken burger with fresh cut salty fries.

2012 Beach House Sauvignon Blanc. The sea mist breezes, cooling off the Rutherford Valley floor at night tend to give the grapes good acidity, creating tangy citrusy wine. Perfect for any type of grilled fish taco with fresh Pico de Gallo and guacamole.

2011 Opportunity Collection Malbec. Of course when grilling up a Texas rib eye or a kobe burger with blue cheese you’ll need a wine that can stand up to these big bold flavors. The Malbec lays down a violet bouquet with dark fruit flavors of ripe blackberry and plum accompanied by subtle notes of smoke & cocoa powder. An ideal match for those heavy hitters.

What I like to tell people about food pairing is to go with your gut and be a little adventurous. When thinking about the weight and cooking technique of your main item, try to think of a wine that will have those similar flavors. It’s all about balance. Chances are you know a big cabernet is not going to pair nicely with a grilled piece of Dover Sole. But a coastal Chardonnay might or for some fun you could always try a sparkling. Stepping outside of your comfort zone with wine is something I would definitely recommend to everyone.

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