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Shannon Hurley
February 15, 2015 | Shannon Hurley

A Look at the Coravin System


We’ve had a lot of questions about “the fancy wine gadget” that pours wine from the bottle without removing the cork... (yes without removing the cork, I promise you we're not crazy) Without further ado here is an overview on the unique Coravin system.

The Coravin uses technology that keeps the cork in the bottle, where it’s been since the bottle was sealed. The capsules are filled with the purest Argon gas that has no effect on the taste of the wine and includes a cap that creates a perfect seal in the System. The gas is then pumped up through a needle and seals itself upon release. This allows you to pour glasses whenever you like, and know that instead of oxidizing, the remaining wine will continue to age naturally.

The Coravin System was inspired founder Greg Lambrecht’s love of wine and the never-ending discovery in taste and aroma that it provides. His dream was to magically pour wine from bottles without ever pulling the cork so the remaining wine could then go back in the cellar to be enjoyed whenever he desired at a later date. What followed was a decade of development and testing until he had a system that left the cork in place, but still delivered great glasses of wine, indistinguishable from untouched bottles.

Today Faustini Wines is proud to serve our wines using the Coravin system. As a Wine Ambassador, the Coravin system allows me to serve each guest like they were all getting the first sip of a new bottle. It retains the superb quality of the wine and enables you to store it for long periods of time. It is a great tool that has really been a game changer benefitting consumers and restaurant professionals alike.


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